Tricks and Stays.

Group class.

Working calmly, and with focus, around other dogs is an important skill for your dog to learn. That is the main purpose of this class. It doesn’t really matter what we work on,  so let’s have fun!

I hope that this will be an on going class, to give you the opportunity to teach your dog to focus in a distracting environment. It is controlled and safe, for everyone! Only three teams in the class.

Saturdays at 1:00 and 3:00. Get in touch if you would like to join us. Five weeks, $225.00.



Having a great “stay” behavior is very useful. This is a difficult concept for dogs to learn. When a release cue is used correctly, your dog will begin to wait for the release, which both ends and rewards the behavior. Remaining “still” gets rewarded.


Tricks are so much fun to teach your dog. By using the method of “shaping” you will learn to teach your dog to move toward the goal behavior, in tiny approximations. The ultimate goal is the completed trick.

Bow, roll-over, dance, sit-pretty, wave, this-into-that, Sit-in-a-box, turn off the light switch…what ever you want to do!

By watching your dog’s natural movements you can select tricks which come naturally to them. Each team will choose three tricks to work on for the duration of the class.