“Working with Noel has been a wonderful opportunity to better understand my puppy and how to properly train/work with her.

Noel has taught me a lot about the breed of my dog a husky mix, her independence, smarts and her unique qualities.  Each week, we review previous lessons and add new lessons.  Practicing at home builds  on these lessons.  The training has been a wonderful experience and we will be continuing with another set of classes to further develop a loving, trusting relationship with each other.”

Jean Farrell – Andover, Vermont 2019






“10 Months ago I decided to get a German shepherd puppy. It was going to be a puppy because this time I was going to live with only my mistakes. The puppy was going to be dog number 5 in my life, the other four had been older rescue dogs. No puppies thus. 

This lovable bundle of joy was an energetic ankle biter and regularly decided I was prey to be chased and attacked. Who said puppies do not hurt you. I had read Noel Hoffmann’s ad in the shopper and decided to call her. 

We started lessons the first week I had the pup and it has proved invaluable. You will be amazed what a puppy can learn. She has taught me how to work through difficult situations and supplied the tools to do it successfully. We train with Noel once a week and more if we can afford it. We have been training with Noel for 8 months now.  

Una Bella is turning into a well behaved dog with dare I say it: no problematic behavior. We still have to practice a lot walking on the leash among people, but that is due to me rather than the dog. The dog is only as good as its owner no matter how good the trainer.

Take my word for it. You will not regret calling Noel and asking her to accompany you in your journey with your dog.”

Marianne W Nevelson – Acworth, NH  2020



I am writing in regards to my recent experience with Noel Hoffmann, dog trainer. We have a new “puppy”. He is a black lab/great dane mix and is one year old. He is a rescue dog from South Carolina. He is VERY large, although mentally and physically a puppy. He is excitable, although completely gentle and we were afraid he might jump on and hurt our young grandchildren or elderly parents who visit regularly at our home. We decided to try Noel’s 16 lesson Day Training program.

Learning  the various necessary steps in proper order, avoiding common mistakes and physically coordinating  the movements and commands was a challenge and I am still not nearly as coordinated as I should be. It will take a while., But I continue to work on my techniques and my dog really appreciates and enjoys our “homework.” Noel has a great understanding of a dogs thinking process and was able to communicate that to me to help me to let my dog understand what I want him to do.

I feel fortunate to have had the privilege of working with Noel to get a start on how to teach my dog important lessons for our future together. We still have a long way to go. He is not a service dog or a police dog, but we have a good start and from here on in, it is really up to me to keep up the training practices. All of this was entirely painless for man and dog. I enjoyed watching Noel work with my dog, learning the techniques myself, and my dog really enjoyed learning.

  David Reid, Westminster West, Vermont 2019 




As new puppy owners, we wanted to start off on the right paw.

One week after getting our 9 week old pup, we started training with Noel Hoffmann.

Vinca adapted to clicker training quickly and was eager to learn – must have been all that energy! Noel was very patient with her (and us) as she taught us the fundamentals of positive reinforcement. The variety of puppy skills Noel taught allowed us to watch how Vinca’s mind worked – how she figured things out.

Completing Puppy Head Start training with Noel prepared us for puppy kindergarten where she is continuing to learn more.

Everyday training is a must, for all of us, but the basics incorporated by Noel Hoffman are skills we will continue to use.

Looking forward to mastering more training classes with Noel and Vinca!

Rachel Laliberte – Grafton, VT 2019


I am so grateful for the training that Noel Hoffmann has given me, my husband, and Mason, our yellow Lab,  over the last 1 1/2 years, first at our home and then in small group classes in her beautiful new facility in Westminster VT.  

Her gentle and generous, clear and wise training has transformed all 3 of us, and the relationship between Mason and me has grown so strong and loving.  I am so confident of Mason’s responsiveness to me and my commands. I am committed to doing more training with her to continue  growing this relationship.

Susan Wilson, Putney, VT 2019


We are happy owners of a smart, athletic and extremely energetic three-year-old standard poodle.  As a young dog we attended the usual training classes.  Although she was well behaved at home, we realized that in different situations with other dogs and people she needed more training.  We consulted with Noel Hoffman and decided to work with her.

Noel has helped us understand our dog and learn how to work with and teach her behaviors that we want.  It was quickly obvious that our dog enjoyed working and was quick to learn cues for different behaviors.  Most important, we as her owners learned how to elicit the desired behaviors. Noel’s positive reinforcement training method really works.  Now we enjoy our time with our dog whether walking on leash or out and about on our property.

Beverly and Brad Dunbar, Saxton’s River, VT 2019




“Stella” (as a pup)

Our little Stella Bella is 9 years old and sweet as can be. Unless you’re another dog!
Not knowing if you really could teach an old dog new tricks, I reached out to Noel by email and told her our story of Stella’s out-of-control behavior (mainly toward other dogs) while camping on the weekends at a motocross race track.
There are loud motorcycle noises, other dogs, kids on bikes, you name it, and I just didn’t know how to control her or the situation.
After some back and forth, we decided to see how Stella would do with some basic training. Well, let me tell you, not only has Stella impressed the h*ll out of me learning heel, mat, touch, sit/stand/down, bucket, recall … the difference in her when we go camping is like night and day.
We’re not all the way there yet, but we’ve already come so far that I can honestly say it’s changed our lives. I was always so tired and stressed out by the end of the weekend, now I can enjoy the time away.
Noel knows dogs because she observes them, she pays attention to their demeanor, how they react to their surroundings, and how they interact with us humans. And mostly, she’s patient. Though I’m not sure which is harder to train—humans or dogs—she’s able to do both. Thank you Noel!

—Dany, Mike & Stella  – Andover, VT 2019





When we decided to get a puppy, and our first Australian Cattle Dog at that, we wanted to start off well.  We saw an ad that Noel had placed in a local newspaper and decided to call.  It was and continues to be the difference between keeping our Zivah, now two years old, or passing her along to someone with more experience with a herding breed.  Raising a cattle dog has been much more of a challenge than we imagined, but Noel has walked us through each new concern or undesirable behavior that has popped up with patience and encouragement as well as her vast expertise in dog behavior.  Her calm, quiet demeanor has benefited both us and Zivah.  We look forward to continuing to work with her and highly recommend her to others.

John and Mary Beth Adler –  Chester, VT 2019


We decided Murphy, our rambunctious 2 year old Lab mix needed some structure. While he had a good foundation of the basic commands, he struggled with the more challenging “come” and “stay”.

Noel gave us tools, tips, and techniques to help Murphy down the path of doggy independence. She made it fun and gave us insight into the unique and rewarding relationship between us and our dog.

Thanks again! 

Courtney Ryan and Jarod Toye  – Chester, VT 2019




We were (and still are) newbie dog owners.  When Ken and I rescued Tuck, he was 12 weeks old.  We had some foster experience, but no real dog training experience.  

As novice dog-owners adopting an Australian Shepherd, we knew we had to look immediately for professional help.  Noel’s constant calm soothed Tuck (and definitely more so, us!).  We gained the confidence to believe we knew what we were doing.  Tuck gained the confidence to trust us.  We learned just how smart he really is, and how to shape his behaviors so he could succeed.    

Sure, there is plenty more we need to work on.  “We” means us, not Tuck!  Let’s be honest, Noel is just a genius at being even keeled and training people, who in turn get to see how great their dogs really are.  Noel gave us the foundation we need, and is always available as a resource if we run into a rut.  We are so thankful we found her! 

Katie and Ken Speights – Killington, VT/Boston,MA 2020