My Services.

The focus of my business is to create an optimal environment in which people can learn to train their dogs. I have a beautiful training facility which is fully matted for your dog’s comfort and traction.  It is warm in winter and cool in summer.

Every person is different and every dog is different.  Not everyone learns in the same way.  I tailor your lessons to you and your dog.  I want you and your dog to feel comfortable.

Whether you train with me privately or in a group class, my goal is the same, to create a safe and quiet environment in which you can learn.  I want you to be successful.

Please get in touch by email or phone if you are interested in training with me.  Click on the image below.

Private Training


Dog Trainer One, Private.

New Clients start here.

The focus of my business is to create an optimal environment in which you and your dog can learn. All of my clients begin with this foundation series.

One session a week, 4 weeks, $410.0

Dog Trainer Two, Private

For those who have completed my Dog Trainer One series, you can continue training privately with me, to strengthen and add to your tool-box of behaviors.

One session a week, 4 weeks, $410.00


Day Training

This is my “Super-Supreme” model. If you just want to get it done, then this is the way to go.  I come to your house 4 times a week…

Four sessions a week, 4 weeks, $2,400.00


Drop Off Day Training

Drop Off Day Training works the same way that Day Training in your home works.  The difference is that…..

Four days a week, 4 weeks, $1,800.00

Puppy Prep. Get ready!

Over time we tend to forget how demanding a new puppy is. We remember the good stuff!
If you are thinking about a puppy or are waiting for your puppy then having a bit of a refresher consult is a great idea.

Consultation, $120.00

Puppy Head Start

It is just amazing what we can do with young puppies using clicker training. I generally advise clients to let the puppy settle in for a week or ten days and then we can get started. The earlier you start the better.

One session a week, 4 weeks, $410.00

Group Classes.


Dog Trainer Two, Group Class

For those of you who have completed Dog Trainer One in private training, I recommend that you move into Dog Trainer Two and continue training in a small group. This class picks up where Dog Trainer One left off. You have been practicing your mechanics for four weeks.  Now, let’s make those cues stronger and add the light distraction of a few other dogs in the room.

Mondays, 6:00-7:00, for weeks, $120.00


Foundations for Advanced Training

If you have a solid understanding of Clicker Mechanics and would like to venture into the wonderful world of advanced dog training then this is the class for you. This is where the real fun begins!

Over six weeks we will work on:
1 – Three Tricks
2 – Three Targets
3 – Three Positions ………and Stay in every possible way.

Thursdays, 6:00-7:00, six weeks, $185.00

The Joy of Heeling.

Foundations for dynamic Heel Work.

Heeling is the most difficult and the most beautiful (in my opinion) of all the Obedience Exercises. At best, it is an effortless partnership between dog and handler performed with joy and power, one moving with the other in perfect unison.

But how do you get this action in an exercise that is not self-reinforcing to the dog in any way?

Thursdays, 7:30-8:30, six weeks, $185.00