Puppy Prep. and Puppy Learns.

Puppy Prep.

Over time we tend to forget how demanding a new puppy is.  We remember the good stuff!  If you are thinking about getting a puppy or you are waiting for your puppy then having a bit of a refresher course is a great idea.

Bringing a new puppy home is really all about good management and being prepared.   In our consultation we go over purchasing the correct management equipment you will need for your puppy, to make your life easier. We review house-training protocol and socialization.

We review the developmental changes that your puppy will be going through and the pro’s and con’s of puppy classes.

We talk about early training, when to start and what to expect.
There is a lot to know and a lot to prepare for.

If you are thinking about getting a puppy but don’t know which breed is right for you, we can talk about that too. Breed, age, adopted from a rescue or purchased from a breeder, it all matters.

Consultation. $120.00

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 Puppy Learns.

It is just amazing what we can do with young puppies using clicker training.  I generally advise clients to let the puppy settle in for a week or ten days and then we can get started. The earlier you start the better.  What puppies can do!!

We cover the foundation skills of clicker training and begin working with your puppy on puppy appropriate behaviors. We begin building your puppy “tool box”.  Puppies are little learning machines.

Seven week old Barbet puppies at work!

We discuss safe socialization, the do’s and don’t s” of puppy classes,  how to redirect chewing and nipping to appropriate toys along with the different developmental stages that your puppy will be moving through.

Eleven week old Golden Retriever, Abi, at work!

We check in on  how your house-training  is progressing (or not) and prepare for the onset of teething.  Being prepared is half the challenge of getting through the “puppy months”.  Mental training wears your puppy out like nothing else.  And it’s a blast!

One session a week,  4 weeks,  $420.00.