My Portraiture.


(I’m still working on this page so please be patient.)

The genre of Dog Portraiture is very old.  Before the age of photography, the only images that we have of early, domestic dog breeds are in paintings.  Painters like George Stubbs, Sir Edmund Landseer, George Earl and my favorite, Maude Earl, were highly sought after by the British aristocracy to paint their beloved dogs and horses.

My other great passion is painting.  Before I became a full time trainer, I painted dogs on commission.  Paintings began at a price of $6,000.00.

I no longer have the studio space or time to do these large, paintings (which can take several months to complete) but I am bringing back my commission work by offering smaller, affordable, mixed media paintings.

I use a mix of wash, pastel and India ink on heavy cotton paper. I like to include two images of the dog in the painting, one lying down and one standing.  This makes a great composition. The paintings are matted with your choice of a simple white or black frame.

A portrait of a beloved dog makes a wonderful gift.  In this age of digital reproduction, original art is priceless and will become a family heirloom for future generations.

How it works.  If you are local, within Vermont, I can take the resource photos of your dog for you.  If you have some good photos that you can send me, I may be able to work from them, or not.  Not all photos are suitable.

I can give you some tips on how to get some good photos of your dog.  Most smart phones today have very good cameras.  That’s really all you need.