My Method of Training.

My method of training can best be described as an “intersection” of Relationship Building and Science.  By building a co-operative system of communication based on science, the dog can be successful.

I adhere to the Humane Hierarchy which is a thoughtful approach to mitigating behavioral problems, starting with the least intrusive and working up the ladder as needed, always keeping the welfare of the learner foremost in mind.

I also adhere to the principle of LIMA, Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive.


Welcome X-Over Trainers.

I welcome clients who use or have used dominance based or correction based methods in the past.  I love to introduce humane, effective, scientifically sound methods to new clients, methods that form a relationship built upon trust and co-operation instead of avoidance and threats.  I will not judge you.

If you would like to learn more about Dominance Theory and the reasons why educated trainers do not adhere to these methods, click here.

Let's Do This Together.

I am always honest with my clients, even if it means telling them things that may be difficult to hear.  I will work hard for you but in return I ask for you to keep an open mind, work hard and always put your dog first.

Watching my client’s dogs learn and change is a great joy to me. Interest-ingly, their owners change along with them.   

Dogs can teach us a lot about ourselves!