Intensive Training.

 Intensive Training is great for people who have large, strong dogs (or any exuberant dog) and are having trouble handling them on and off leash.  It is also a great option for any dog owner who wants to make progress quickly.  Getting your dog on appropriate equipment is the first step, so that you can control your dog in public under any circumstances.   Learning correct leash handling skills enables you to adapt quickly to your dog when the need arises. 

When dogs hit the primary developmental periods of adolescence and then social maturity, they change!  The world is a pretty exciting place.  By meeting with me four days a week, you will get the coaching and practice you need to develop the essential skills to successfully navigate these periods.

This is also a great choice for reactive dogs and dogs with certain behavioral problems that can benefit from a highly stuctured  training routine.  These are usually high drive dogs, unruly, pushy dogs and impulsive dogs who have been used to making their own decisions.  Great for the handlers as well.  

4 days a week, 4 weeks, $1,800.00