Go for a walk with your dog!

Susan Sternberg has spent her career observing dogs. She has been a pioneer in the shelter world always putting the dog’s welfare first.  I have followed her, her entire career and as dog professionals, we owe her a debt of gratitude for what she has taught us.

Below is a list of ten elements that she believes are necessary to building a great relationship between you and your dog. I agree.

1 – Have your dog’s attention (your dog looks to you for direction and for access to things they want).

2 – Train your dog on a daily basis.

3 – Maintain at least 10 discreet behaviors (10 different cues) using reward based training.

4 – Spend quality time out in nature with your dog. Allow you dog to sniff and experience their world through scent. Take your dog for a walk!

5 – Touch and handle your dog regularly.

6 – Engage in partnered access to your dog’s natural instincts through games like tug, chase, fetch, or nose work.

7 – See your dog as a team mate and an individual.

8 – Your dog should want to play with YOU more than they want to play with other dogs.

9 – Training is for life. Trained cues need to be maintained by rewarding them over the dog’s life time.

10 – Share joy with your dog, in every way possible.