Dog Trainer Two, group.


This class is for my private clients who have completed Dog Trainer One, four week series.  It is a great next step because it adds the extra distraction of training around other dogs.  This is a very important lesson for dogs to learn.

With your tool-box  well underway, we can now begin to strengthen your dog’s cues. We can begin to focus on the Big Four: the Recall, the Stay, the Go-to-place, and Leave-that-alone.

We can change the context in which the dog does the behavior by going outside to train or even meeting in a quiet parking lot somewhere.

This class begins to generalize your tool-box of behaviors to slightly more difficult situations so your dog learns to do the behaviors to many environments.

The requirement for this class is to have completed Dog Trainer One Private or the equivalent.

Next session begins on Tuesday, January 15th at 4:30.

One session a week, 6 weeks, $175.00.

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