Dog Trainer Two, group.


This class is for my private clients who have completed Dog Trainer One, four week series.  It is a great next step because it adds the extra distraction of training around other dogs.  This is a very important lesson for dogs to learn.

I choose the three dogs who will be working in the room together carefully.  There may be puppies and adult dogs working on different things.  One dog may be working toward a CGC title (Canine Good Citizen) while another is doing puppy games.

The purpose of this class is to teach dogs that they can work around other dogs safely.  They will not be visiting the other dogs and they will not be visiting them.  Once dogs understand this they literally forget about the other dogs and they relax.

The requirement for this class is to have completed Dog Trainer One Private or the equivalent.

The success of these group classes depends on all three teams attending every class.  Working around other dogs is the whole purpose of the class.  If you do not come to class,  it deprives the others of the opportunity to work with you.  Look at your calender to see if you can make the committment to the four weeks of classes.  There are no make-ups if you miss a class.

One session a week, 4 weeks, $140.00.

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