Drop Off Day Training


Drop Off Day Training works the same way that Day Training in your home works.  The difference is that you drop your dog off, I train your dog, and you pick the dog up again.  

I reserve mornings for Day Training so the dog would have to be in and out by 12:00 pm. 

This is a great option for those who live near me and want the benefits of a professional trainer working with their dog.  It simply fast forwards the process.  And I can pass along a savings to you because I don’t have to travel.

You drop your dog off four mornings a week for training and one of those four days, I train you too, so you have the skills to maintain the behaviors.  Some dog owners like to stay and watch while I train their dog.  This is a great idea.  You will learn a lot.

This is the absolute fastest way to train your dog because experienced trainers can install behaviors so rapidly.

Four days a week, 4 weeks, $1,800.00

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