Dog Trainer One, Private.


Four weeks, one session per week –  $410.00

This is my foundation series for new students.  Over the course of four weeks you will learn the mechanics and skills of modern dog training while building a tool-box of simple, useful behaviors that you will use over the lifetime of your dog.


The Conditioned Reinforcer (or clicker) is the back bone of positive reinforcement training.  This one simple step added to the training sequence is like a brilliant moment of clarity to dogs.  The CR enables dogs to learn quickly and to retain information longer.  All my students learn how to train “cleanly” (correctly) from day one.  They also learn the science behind why this is so important. 

The behaviors your dog will be learning are listed below.  Some dogs may do well with just six of these behaviors while the over achievers may want to learn all of them!  Each dog is different.  The more your dog knows the calmer they are and the safer they are.  An educated dog is a “thinking” dog, who makes choices, instead of simply reacting to the environment.

—Attention (giving you eye contact)

—Nose Touch to a hand target

—Paw touch to a target.

—Front and Heel positions.

—A Default Sit

—Sit, Down and Stand on verbals cues only

—Go to a Mat target and lie down.

—Go to a Platform target and sit.

—Recall games.

—The Crate Game.

—Learn to wear a muzzle.

—Impulse control games -1,2,3,4.

—Yield to collar pressure.

—Loose Leash Walking on your left side.

—Beginning Stay.





My students leave their first session with a packet outlining all the exercises and exact instructions for practice.  You will also be sent a video link of your session to refer back to. Each week we review and refine the exercises you have and add new ones.  We also go over equipment, daily management, play, food, behavioral issues and for the over achievers…a reading list!

Positive Reinforcement training changes everything.  It builds confidence in timid dogs , it builds impulse control in impulsive dogs, it teaches your dog that he/she can be successful and that they have some control over their world.   But most importantly,  it builds a strong life long bond between dog and human through a relationship of give-and-take, respect and joy.

Sessions are scheduled in my training building unless the client cannot travel.  I do work with people in their own homes if necessary but there are so many more training options in the training building (including change of environment) that  the travel is worth while.