Cooperative Care for Veterinary and Grooming.

No more battles.

Will your dog hold a stationary position for grooming?  Can you exam their ears, eyes and teeth?  Can you hold a foot and isolate each toe?  Will your dog accept being examined by your vet?

If your dog struggles with grooming and veterinary visits, we can change that by making the dog part of the process.  It’s a bit like playing “red-light/green-light”.  Once dogs understand that they can control what is happening to them, their fear and anxiety begin to diminish.  There is a very effective protocol to help dogs to accept body handling without a struggle..

Over four weeks we will work on your basic training skills and incorporate the Zen Bowl Protocol into your exercises.  Your dog will learn how to signal you when to “start” and when to “stop”.  How much is too much and when to continue.

Working on a raised table we introduce your dog to tools and equipment, pairing each object from treat from the Zen bowl.  Moving slowly we watch the dog’s response to each touch,  letting the dog become part of the process.  Giving the dog a choice makes all the difference.

Prerequisite –  Dog Trainer One or the equivalent. If you have taken some training classes with another trainer you may be “good to go” or  I may want to schedule a preliminary session to assess you skills.

Four weeks, One session a week.  $410.00