Having the right equipment for walking your dog can make this valuable and enriching time more pleasant for both of you. While it is always important to teach a dog to walk on a loose lead regardless of equipment, this can take time. 

In the mean time, try changing up your equipment.  Below are some suggestions for collars, head halters and leashes that I like.  It is difficult to get good dog equipment locally.

The Balance Harness.  This is a well designed harness that lets the dog move naturally.  It has a ring at the chest for control and a ring at the shoulder.  You can even put a leash on each ring for max control.  

The Sensation Harness.  This is for less aggressive pullers and medium sized dogs.

The Freedom Harness.  You can get these harnesses locally.  They sell a leash that can be used on both rings if needed.

Bold Lead Designs. This company makes custom leather harnesses, primarily for service dogs, but their leashes are great, especially the “*8 way leash”.

Two inch wide Martingale Collar.  This collar will distribute the pressure on your dog’s neck over a wider area and will help prevent injuries to the trachea and spine.  Lots to choose from on Amazon.


The Scruffy Guider.  This is a martingale collar with two straps.  The gap between the straps protects the trachea and the delicate vertebrae of the spine.


The OptiFit Halti head halter.  This is an upgrade for Halti.  It now has a lockable muzzle strap and the safety strap that attaches to the neck collar or harness.


The Grip-it-Lead.  This leash is affordable and has a terrific grip.  Get the 6 foot length.


The Oiled Leather Lead.  You will have this for life.