This year we have no snow.  This is bad for critters and skiers but good for walking!  Christmas Day was bright and sunny, around 30 degrees.  Quicken and I went for a favorite hike in Pisgah State Park.

We made a beautiful loop, up the Hubbard Hill Trail to Baker Pond and back down the Reservoir Trail to Chesterfield Road Trail.  Round trip is about three hours.

There are many high ponds in the park.  They remain full even during the driest summers.  They are spring fed.  Have you ever followed a stream up a mountain to its sounce?  The water shed system is fascinating.  Water is forced up to the surface by glacial movement, the same dynamics that created these hills in the first place.

What a wonderful way to spend Christmas afternoon.  Walking with Quicken in the woods is one of my greatest joys.