My Teaching Approach.

Building a great relationship with a dog has to begin with clear communication, so the dog can be successful.

What is communication?  Communication only occurs if the message being sent and the message being received mean the same thing to both individuals.  In order to achieve this, a common language has to be used.

The foundation of my training method is to teach you the basic mechanics and skills of clicker training.  This becomes your language.  We then apply that language by teaching your dog a set of simple but useful behaviors.  In doing so, we are establishing a clear line of communication between you and your dog.  Your dog is “learning to learn”.

Regardless of age, breed or behavioral problem, this is where I always begin.


Go for a walk!

Susan Sternberg’s list of the Ten Elements that make up a great dog/human relationship includes allowing your dog to sniff and run and experience the natural world.  This is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your dog.

My Certifications.


Daily Practice.

 I train my dogs every day.  Keeper is young and full of beans.  He loves his tug more than any other dog I have ever had!

He is learning to work with the reinforcers (rewards) somewhere else, not on me.  In his case, this works better!