Behavior Consulting.

Most of my clients contact me because they are having significant behavioral problems with their dogs.

All behavior is a response to an event happening in the dog’s immediate environment.  When you come home from work, your dog greets you.  This is a behavior.  The dog responds to your arrival.  The emotion behind the response is a happy one.

If a stranger approaches and your dog lunges and snaps, the dog is responding to the presence of a possible threat.  This is a behavior.  But the emotion is different from the former example.  The emotion is a negative.  It may be fear, anxiety, anticipation or all three!  The point is that it is an emotion.  My daily practice.

To truly change behavior we have to change the emotions that go along for the ride.  If we change the emotion, we change the behavior.  Look for initials CDBC  to make sure a trainer is qualified to do this type of work.

Go for a walk!

Susan Sternberg’s list of the Ten Elements that make up a great dog/human relationship includes allowing your dog to sniff and run and experience the natural world.  This is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your dog.

My Certifications.


Daily Practice.

 I train my dogs every day.  Keeper is young and full of beans.  He loves his tug more than any other dog I have ever had!

He is learning to work with the reinforcers (rewards) somewhere else, not on me.  In his case, this works better!