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Noel Hoffmann Dog Training and Behavioral Consulting.

Southern Vermont and Adjacent Areas.

CPDT-KA,  KPA-CTP,  IAABC-CDBC,  Fear Free Certified.


Never before has the relationship between dogs and humans been as rich as it is today. Dog training has changed.  You might call it a Renaissance!

Modern, science-based training allows us to replace unwanted behaviors with behaviors we do want, that we can reward the dog for. Learn More.  Every cue and every reward makes the behavior stronger and forges a strong bond between dog and trainer. Daily Practice.

The dog you have is probably the dog you always wanted. Dogs behaving badly are just dogs behaving like dogs. For every behavioral problem there is a clickable solution that can bridge the communication gap and restore your Peaceable Kingdom.  Puppy Fun!

If you want to change your dog’s behavior and build a rewarding life-long relationship….you can.  We can do it together.

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Black and white photos by Jeff Woodward Photography.


What is it and how do I get rid of it?



I trained a chicken.

If I can train a chicken, you can learn to train your dog.

The Number One Rule.

By following this simple rule, consistently and religiously, you can begin changing your dog’s behavior for the better, right now.

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